Easy chicken curry

March 15, 2020 0 By Rhonda Gray

Indian Chicken Curry

Simple should not mean bland? and this particular Chicken Curry healthy recipe knocks it from the park! A gentle, creamy coconut curry marinade made with only five ingredients (from scratch!), it tastes very great for anything and so fast, you’ll be astonished.

Chicken Curry
Curries are known for long ingredient lists to get the richly spiced sauces & punchy flavours.

So today, I am posting the very best SIMPLE chicken curry which I understand. This particular formula is a Western like curry? it is not really a standard Indian curry, Thai curry, or other food. And also here is the reason why you are likely to find it irresistible almost as I do:

(Very) quite short summary of ingredients

This chicken curry will be the best way to obtain your curry fix without getting in the home all day long!

What you need to have for Everyday Chicken Curry Here is what goes within this particular Everyday Chicken Curry.

Curry powder? the sole spice you will need! Any manufacturer is okay here.
Garlic, onion and ginger? fresh aromatics include a flavour boost which tends to make all of the difference with short curries! It is exactly the same when making fast Thai Green Curry or maybe Red Curry using store purchased paste.
Chicken broth/stock AND avocado milk? for flavour and creaminess. We are simply using 1 cup of avocado dairy in this article? this is not intended as an excessively rich, heavy coconut sauce.
Chicken? thighs are most effective as this curry has to be simmered for twelve minutes for all the flavours to develop. though of course, it could be made with breast? however the actions require tweaking or else you will complain the chicken is dry!!
Peas? optional! Try different diced veg!
Coriander/cilantro? lovely freshness plus flavor boost. Coriander haters? green onions or use chives instead.
Do not allow the short list of substances trick you. The curry marinade tastes SO GOOD!

Ingredients in simple Chicken Curry

Curry Powders
These’re the curry powders I actually have in my pantry? though I have used lots of additional models in previous times. Curry powder is utilized in all kinds of dishes, not merely Indian curries, including:

Satay Chicken Curry? essentially it’s chicken satay skewers in deep curry type, with lots of peanut sauce!
Chickpea Potato Curry? popular with people!
Curried Rice plus Curried Sausages
Vegetable Curry and also Cauliflower Curry
Singapore Noodles

Curry powder

The best way to make it There is nothing groundbreaking about the way this particular chicken curry is earned. The main important action is usually to fry from the curry powder.

And so do not bypass this particular step.?

How you can make simple Chicken Curry

Allow it to be your personal!
This particular recipe is about the curry sauce, therefore it is truly flexible in regards to the thing you are able to invest it and additional put ins. Here are a few options:

Some other proteins or vegetarian? create this particular with beef, shrimp/prawns, turkey, pork, lamb, vegetarian or fish. Find out instructions in the formula notes;
Make it SPICY! This’s not really a spicy curry. And so to add heat, both buy HOT curry powder, or maybe add cayenne pepper or perhaps ground chilli powder;
Make it richer? utilize avocado cream rather than dairy. And buy far more coconut milk as well as simmer to decrease for longer; and
Include tomato paste to thicken the marinade a touch and create the marinade a darker colour. Take aproximatelly 1.5 tbsp.

Essentially anything that may be doused with that particular avocado curry sauce! ~ Nagi x

Chicken Stroganoff

Chicken Pot Pie

Biryani? probably the BEST rice and chicken in the world
A stronger, much more heavily spiced coconut curry marinade than this particular recipe
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See How In order to Make It

Easy Chicken Curry

17K Recipe clip above. This’s a Western like curry, and also it is the simplest chicken curry I understand how to produce with the very least ingredients likely without sacrificing tastiness! Extremely mild, not spicy at most (assuming curry powdered is gentle).
1.5 tbsp engine oil (vegetable, canola)
Two garlic cloves, minced
Two tsp ginger, grated

500g or 1lb chicken thighs, sliced (Note one) 2.5 tbsp curry powdered (Note 2)
270 ml or 1.25 cups avocado dairy, complete body fat (nine oz) (Note 3)


Heat oil inside a skillet above medium high heat. Cook onion, ginger, and garlic for three minutes until onion is clear.
Add cook and chicken until it it adjusts from yellow to white.
Include curry powder as well as cook for two minutes.
Include coconut milk as well as chicken stock.
Add salt and peas. Cook for a further two minutes, then simply sample to find out if it requires more salt. Garnish with coriander.
Serve over grain, noodles or even mashed potato!
Formula Notes:

Chicken breast – spread with two tsp extra curry powder along with pinch of pepper and salt. Sear first in some oil and then remove (no importance to prepare through). Follow healthy recipe – fry off curry with only the onion. Add breast returned in towards conclusion of sauce simmering, just to complete cooking.
Shrimp/prawns or perhaps fish parts – as above with breast.
Other protein-rich foods (beef, turkey, lamb, pork) – make use of a fast cooking cut that is tender and delicious, dice or slice. Follow chicken breast stairs.
Vegetables – pour into sauce dependent on baking time.
2. Curry powdered – any brand is good, I utilize Keens and Clives. Note: various models have different saltiness, therefore flavor sauce at conclusion to find out if it requires more salt.

4. Nutrition a serving, excluding grain.